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It's Throwback Thursday as we take a look back at our history during this, CHAB's 100th anniversary.

Longtime listener Deidre Nelson took us on a trip back in time when she sent us correspondence from 1966 - letters exchanged between the Fir Mountain-Glentworth Centennial Committee and CHAB.  

Sales rep Brian Douglas promised the folks radio promotion for their amateur night along with a four-hour, live broadcast "with one of CHAB's top announcers acting as M.C.".

Douglas wrote, "We feel this will make your Amateur Night a real success.  TOTAL COST TO YOU IS $300.00".

Deidre's husband and his family participated in the fun that night back in late October of '66.  He believes it was the legendary Cy Knight who was live on the radio from Glentworth and served as the M.C.

You can see the letters for yourself in the Community section on

You know, I can't help but wonder, how much they paid Cy that night.  Probably not much.  But I'll bet he got fed and watered.