Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday as we celebrate 100 years on the air at CHAB.

Our milestone is making news across the province, the country and south of the border.

Marvin Baker wrote about us earlier this fall in The Dakotan, an online news service in North Dakota.

He wrote, "It isn't easy to stay in business for 100 years, especially given that in the past century, any business to survive that long had to endure the Great Depression in the 1930s.  But there are two businesses that have daily impact on many North Dakota residents, and both businesses are radio stations.  One of them is CHAB in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and the other is WDAY in Fargo."

He noted WDAY was the first radio station in North Dakota.  It went on the air about a month after CHAB in the spring of 1922.

Baker's research found there were people in North Dakota spending $75 to purchase radios back then and, "in today's dollars that's approximately $1325.00..."

Baker also wrote about the fact he listens to us almost daily and he's been enjoying the programming during this, our centennial.

Thanks for listening, Marvin Baker.  We appreciate it.  Oh, and thanks for the piece you wrote.  We liked it.

(Here's a link to Marvin's article - Click HERE)