The City of Moose Jaw has announced that it began its gopher control program this week. 

In early spring, city crews and contracted pest control workers will bait gophers with rodenticide as they emerge from their winter burrows in search of food. 

The program targets mainly sports fields, parks, playgrounds and problem areas from previous years. The city also monitors resident complaints. Those complaints are tracked and are dealt with as early in the season as possible. 

The targeted areas this year are: 

  • 1996 Summer Games Park: 16th Avenue S.W. & Coteau Street W. 
  • 2005 Canada Games Fields: 1220 High St W 
  • WDM Diamonds: 100 Diefenbaker Drive 
  • McCullough Field Baseball Diamonds: 4th Avenue N.W. & MacDonald St. 
  • Adams Baseball Diamond: 700 Block MacDonald Street 
  • Skate Park: 9th Ave NW and MacDonald St W. (Areas within 30 feet of skate park) 
  • Wenman Baseball Diamond: 2nd Avenue N.W. & Laurier St. 
  • Bell Park Baseball Diamonds: 800 Block Caribou Street E. 
  • Crescent Park 
  • Happy Valley Park 
  • Sunningdale Nature Park (Along pathways and areas within 30 feet of Private Property) 
  • Rosedale Cemetery/ Moose Jaw Cemetery 
  • Iron Bridge Subdivision (West and South Berms and areas within 30 feet of Private Property) 
  • South portion of Westheath Subdivision (Areas within 30 feet of Private Property) 
  • South hill trail (20 feet from pathways, 10th to 16th) 
  • Holly Crescent (Areas within 30 feet of Private Property) 
  • Empty Lots along Laurier St. W 
  • South Hill Reservoir (Areas within 30 feet of Private Property) 
  • Mohns Road (Areas within 30 feet of Private Property) 
  • New Trees along 9th Avenue NE between Thatcher Dr. and Caribou St. E 
  • New Trees along Diefenbaker Dr. 
  • Spring Creek (20 feet from pathways) 
  • West Park 
  • Wakamow (Oval and Campground) 
  • Mcdonalds Field 

Pet owners are reminded to keep animals on leashes in these areas so that they can be monitored. The city places bait deep in the entrance of burrows to avoid poisoning other animals such as birds. Any traps or bait found on the surface of the ground should be reported to the city immediately. 

Residents can report gopher control issues through the City of Moose Jaw website or the Request for Service app. On private land, residents should contact pest control professionals for gopher control issues.