The Downtown Moose Jaw Association gave us a bit of an update on Monday as to how the last 12 months have gone for the group, as well as what they'd like to see happen this year, and even further ahead into the future.

Newly elected Chair of the Association, Geoff Anderson, says the last year has been spent reflecting on what a successful business improvement district looks like, and how that can be achieved. 

"We're utilizing this time right now to really look at a couple of aspects for the Downtown Moose Jaw Association which in the short term is; what can we do in 2021 that we can call on our strategic partners in the business community to help us with, such as some events and promoting our downtown as well as a long-term plan where we can work with the city and put together a budget that is more representative of a large city like Moose Jaw and similar to some of the other business improvement districts that you see in other larger centres like you see in Prince Albert, Yorton, and Regina."

Anderson says they have been and are currently in touch with Regina Downtown Business Improvement District and the city. He says in terms of working with the City of Moose Jaw, it's been many years since a Downtown Association and the city worked closely together to reach a common goal.

"We're trying to align our vision as a downtown group along with the city's, which is to have the most notorious downtown in Saskatchewan, or western Canada for that matter. Tourism is a big part of our focus, visibility, and awareness of the Downtown Moose Jaw Association, making sure our downtown is beautiful and vibrant, and welcoming to residents and tourists, along with event planning."

The Association met up for their annual general meeting on Monday night, where they elected Anderson as Chair, Yvette Moore as Vice-Chair, Steve Tunison as Treasurer, and Michaela Turner as Secretary. Four members were also elected to the board. Incumbents John Iatridis and Alex Carleton let their names stand, while Kelly Carty and Gabrielle Belanger are newly-elected board members.