There’s news the Govenlock Community Pasture near Consul will go from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to the Environment Department instead of the Province.

MP for Cypress Hills Grasslands David Anderson says over the past year they been in discussion with both departments as well as area ranchers and community groups.

"One of things that we wanted to make was that local people had input into the management, that they have local input into the research that's going to be done later on it. We've been able to find that balance, I think," Anderson said.

He says that communication is key especially since we’ve seen the Species at Risk Act come into play around Consul with residents being impacted by the regulations around the  Emergency  Protection Order for Sage Grouse.  

The land is primarily native prairie grassland and supports more than 11 species at risk with livestock grazing, which mimics traditional disturbance by plains bison, helping to maintain the health and quality of the native prairie.

"It's been good to work Environment Canada officials who understand the understand the importance of cooperating and communicating with the local community itself," he said.

The Govenlock Community Pasture is about 200 square kilometers.