Giving employment opportunities to those who may not otherwise get them, Moose Jaw Families for Chance is looking for individuals interested in the Imagine Employment Program.

Katie Statler, Community Coordinator with Moose Jaw Families for Change explains.

"So the Imagine Employment Program is a program we offer through the Kinsmen Cafe as well as our Victoria Towers location which is partnered with the Moose Jaw Housing Authority. We offer job-readiness skills, on the job training, and support for people of varying abilities. We're essentially looking to get jobs for people who might otherwise not be able to find employment in the community of Moose Jaw."

"We do a first point of contact and we usually set up a meeting with the person who's applying for the program, and we explain a little bit more in detail what the program looks like, and then we generally offer an on the job trial so the folks can see if the job is for them. From there we will see if they want to continue with the program and then from there outset their goals and things like that."

The program will offer a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking employment at the cafe, with job duties, hours worked, and goals being tailored to each individual.

If you would like to submit a resume, you can either email it to, or you can give them a call at the Moose Jaw Families for Change office at (306) 693-2271.

"If people are a little bit more curious and they want to take a look at the things that we do they can check us out at the Kinsmen Cafe on Facebook and see some of the pictures of our clients who are currently involved in the program. That should give them a little bit better of an idea as to what the program might look like."

Moose Jaw Families for Change is a local non-profit organization that functions as a group that supports people of varying abilities in both residential and community settings.