A man was given additional jail time for giving RCMP false identification during a traffic stop near Belle Plaine last September. 

Kody Enman appeared via video in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to obstructing a police officer by giving a false name and driving while prohibited. The sentencing was a joint submission with Provincial Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker. 

Enman was sentenced in Regina to 13 months in jail on March 15 for four other driving while disqualified convictions with 30 days of enhanced credit and a two-year driving prohibition. He was sentenced to 45 more days in jail on top of his current sentence. 

Parker said the sentence can’t be concurrent as it needed to treated as if it was a part of the sentencing that took place in March. He recommended the 45-day sentence, which Enman agreed was appropriate. 

While judges are silent to joint submission, they are not bound by them. In this case, Judge Brian Hendrickson felt it was fair. 

“There is a logic to what is being sought,” Hendrickson said. 

Enman was pulled over last September heading westbound on Highway 1 near Belle Plaine when he was pulled over for speeding by the RCMP. When asked to identify himself, he gave the RCMP officer the name and birthdate of his brother Kyle. 

On Jan. 11, the RCMP learned the Kyle was not the driver of the vehicle and the registered owner of the vehicle confirmed Enman, who was suspended from driving, who was at the wheel. 

Hendrickson did note it took a long time for Enman to get caught if it wasn’t for the evidence gathering by the RCMP. 

Despite saying that he had work to go to when he was released, Hendrickson waived the victim surcharge.