Monique Ley, originally from Moose Jaw, has been a part of Canada's national bowling team on five different occasions, and with her earning the title of Canada's Top Female Bowler of 2020, this year will be her sixth.

During a normal year, the selections for team Canada would be done through a number of competitions to qualify and then a qualifying playoff, but this year was a bit different. With only a few tournaments in 2020 down in the U.S, the sample size to qualify was small.

"We just had to send in pretty much a resume and then we were selected that way and with my history on the team, I had a good shot on being selected."

This is the first time Ley has been named the top women's bowler in the country. With her representing her country on more than one occasion, this is a milestone that the lefthander has had in her sights for a few years now and has put the work in to get there.

"There are some pretty amazing bowlers who have received it over the past couple of years and I've been working pretty hard for the last couple of years trying to reach that goal."

As things sit now, Ley is doing her regular drills and playing in the lanes in Estevan until the first international tournament begins in October. The competitions then will feature a number of events from singles play to doubles and full team play.

"Day one is qualifying, usually an. Then they take, probably between like the top 40 or the top 30 to move on to D2, and then you're competing head-to-head with somebody, and then you gain extra pens extra like bonus spins per match if you win."