Those in the Moose Jaw area that want to get in some more ice fishing in their shacks may have to do that sooner rather than later, as the shelter removal deadline is fast approaching.   

The Ministry of Environment says that shelters located south of Highway 16 are to be removed by Mar. 15, and Mar. 31 for those shelters north of the highway.  

Due to unpredictable spring weather conditions such as unsafe ice conditions, it is recommended to remove the fishing shelter before it becomes unsafe.  

Owners are required to remove all structures and litter from the ice. In addition, ice fishing shacks cannot be left on shore and must be transported away, as abandoned shelters could pose a risk to those out on the lake this summer.  

When transporting the shelter off the ice, the province is reminding owners to be cautious when out on the lake.  

Slush, thermal cracks, and pressure ridges are ways to identify that the ice conditions are unsafe. It is also recommended to check ice conditions, as the thickness and strength may vary from area to area.  

If you’re going out by yourself, five inches thick is what is recommended. If you have a group of people or are out on a snowmobile you want to have a minimum of eight inches. For driving on ice, you want a minimum of 12 inches for a light vehicle. This is for blue ice, not where there are heaves or opaque colouring.  

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