Maj. Doug Publicover’s Royal Canadian Air Force career has come full circle since earning his wings at 15 Wing Moose Jaw in 2000. 

Publicover was part of the inaugural class when the NATO flight training began in Moose Jaw. 

His original assignment after graduating was flying C-140 Auroras out of Greenwood, N.S., and his first tour overseas was Operation Apollo just after 9/11, Canada's contribution in the Arabian Gulf. 

Publicover would then do an exchange tour with the Royal Australia Air Force, where he was deployed twice to Afghanistan doing support for ground troops. He also served off the coast of Africa doing piracy patrol. 

His most recent tour was to Kuwait and Iraq supporting Canadian trooping in Iraq and Syria as part of Operation Impact. 

He’s now returned to Moose Jaw and is a flight instructor with the NATO Flying School in Canada. 

Publicover is the president of the UN-NATO Veterans Group in Moose Jaw. When he first moved to Moose Jaw, he met another veteran and started a group in this region to help support other veterans. 

With Remembrance Day coming up, he said being a part of the air force has been an honour. 

“For myself, it's really just a pride in wearing the uniform, and that if I can contribute anything to that, it's just a sincere sense of pride and still being able to wear the uniform and paying that respect to those that have gone,” he said. 

Publicover said there are small things you can do to show your respect for the fallen. 

“Even within your household, if anybody can take time just to pause for that moment of silence at the 11th hour and do show respect, it doesn't take much, but it's a genuine sign for everybody that has paid that price,” he said.