March 22 – March 23, 2021 
7:00 am to 7:00 am 

Moose Jaw Police responded to 56 calls for service.  

7:05 am – Break & Enter – A residence in the 900 block of Iroquois St W was entered sometime over the weekend.  The homeowner was contacted. 

9:06 am – Dispute – A verbal dispute took place regarding on-going issues.  The complainant wanted to report this for informational purposes.  

9:26 am – Break & Enter – A commercial property was entered and multiple items were missing.  This is still under investigation, pending identification. 

9:28 am – Traffic Obstruction – A vehicle was said to be blocking traffic and was gone upon police arrival. 

9:45 am – Theft – Items were missing from a commercial property in the 0 block of Fairford Street E. This is still under investigation. 

10:09 am – Hit & Run – The complainant was unable to obtain the plate number.  No injuries were reported. Approximately $12000 of damage resulted. 

12:25 pm – Abandoned Vehicle – The owner was contacted and arrangements were made to remove the vehicle. 

12:54 pm – Theft – equipment stolen from a commercial property in the 1000 block of Thatcher Drive East. Still under investigation. 

1:05 pm – Motor Vehicle Accident – A two vehicle accident resulted in no injuries and minimal damage.  Police assisted in a name exchange for insurance purposes. 

1:30 pm – Break & Enter – A business in the 800 block of Ominica St E reported parts stolen.  Articles were seized for identification. 

1:52 pm – Fraud – A local business received a fraudulent cheque. This is still under investigation. 

3:02 pm – Theft – Approximately $500 worth of merchandise was stolen from a local business. This is still under investigation pending video footage. 

4:43 pm – Dispute – A verbal dispute turned physical.  The complainant will attend the station to make a statement. 

6:29 pm – Fire Call – There was a report of a grass fire in 1300 block of Main Street North.  This is still under investigation pending video footage. 

6:45 pm – Fire Call – There was a report of a bush on fire in the 1000 block of Main Street North.  This is still under investigation pending video footage. 

7:02 pm – Found Drugs Turned In – They were exhibited for destruction. 

7:05 pm – Well Being Check – The subject was found at home, safe, and no police assistance was required. 

7:28 pm – Erratic Driving – There was a report of vehicles racing in the 1200 block of Main Street North.  One ticket was issued for stunting. 

7:32 pm – Mischief – A rock was thrown through the picture window of a residence.  This is still under investigation pending video footage. 

8:19 pm – Unwanted Guest – A dispute was mediated for the night.  Police will follow up tomorrow. 

8:36 pm – Dispute – The parties were separated for the night. 

9:15 pm – Unwanted Guest – A subject attended the residence to retrieve personal property and left after the property was obtained. 

11:42 pm – Theft – Items were stolen from a local business.  The subject was located and escorted back to pay for the items, as per the complainant’s request. 

11:42 pm – Assist Sick Person – The subject was found to be in need of medical assistance.  They were transported to hospital by EMS. 

Police responded to four 911 calls. 
Police assisted other government agencies in six cases.