Specialty veteran license plates have long been made available to those individuals who have actively served in the Canadian military. Now RCMP members who have a minimum of three years active service with the corps may also receive the issued plates. SGI made the announcement stating that the change to eligibility requirements was made to reflect the change the Royal Canadian Legion made to the definition of “veteran” which now includes RCMP members. 

“SGI takes pride in recognizing the work and sacrifices of Canadians who have served in uniform.” said Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan. “We are honoured to include those who have served our country in the RCMP as veterans, and thank them for their dedication to community safety.” 

Those who meet the eligibility requirements for the plates can now submit an application with relevant documents to the Royal Canadian Legion. After the Legion confirms the eligibility, it will forward the application to SGI for processing. Plates are mailed to recipients, who then have to contact their license issuer to have the plate associated with their vehicle. 

“The Royal Canadian Legion is pleased to have SGI join us in recognizing the hard work of RCMP veterans,” said Chad Wagner, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Command, Royal Canadian Legion. “Veteran plates are one of many ways we acknowledge the sacrifices of those who serve our country.”  

There is no cost for a veteran plate, however the cost to register your vehicle or for personalized slogans still apply as normal. Veterans plates have been available in Saskatchewan since 2004.