There have been more and more deer showing up in the province and with that the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is holding their 13th annual slow down and save a buck campaign.

Executive Director Darrell Crabbe explains what the campaign is about, "We want to get people to take a little extra time or a little more precaution.  The deer are going to starting to move here pretty quickly with the fawns being right away, they start to move right after that.  Unfortunately they're attracted to the ditches and that sort of thing because the grass seems to grow quicker in the ditch then the surrounding area."

Crabbe adds, "The highest percentage of collisions occur at the times of dusk and dawn and deer are starting to move around at those times of days and of course as humans we don't have the same vision capacity as deer do and they are around the ditches.  So, certainly in those high deer density areas if everyone takes a little extra precaution hopefully we can get everyone home."

Last year there were over 10,000 collisions involving deer occurred, resulting in 2 deaths and over 300 injuries.