Moose Jaw City Council gives administration the green light to start looking at where the multiplex could be built.


The site selection process is officially underway in Moose Jaw.

City Council has approved a request for 60 thousand dollars to begin studying each proposed site for the Multiplex project. It’s the first significant piece of movement on the project since the plebiscite last fall.

Councillor Regina Sagal-Hendry says the longer we wait to start the project the more we pay in the end. "We would be looking at an increase of cost in a year of $4,800,000, that comes to $13,150 a day, $547 and hour, and $9 a minute for every minute that we are wasting."

City Administration will conduct the review process that will include environmental, traffic, and area impact studies. Something Councillor Darin Chow is anxiously awaiting. "We have a good bulk of the information associated with the other two sites presently but the downtown site is something of an anomaly. We don't know. We're constantly talking in terms of potentials. There may be contamination, they're may not, but chances are there probably is but until we get that information we can't have an educated debate about location."

No word on how long it will take for administration to complete the report and present it to council.