Moose Jaw’s fledgling disc golf community was offering advice to new players on Sunday with the help of the Sunningdale/VLA Community Association.

The gathered participants were provided with a starter pack of discs to practice in the field beside Sunningdale School. Approximately 25 people were in the initial group, with over 35 participating in total as more people arrived later.  

Tripp Sevs is an organizer with the Moose Jaw Disc Golf Association and was on hand to teach players. “A lot of interested people wanted to find out what disc golf was all about. A lot of them were new. Many had some experience, but they still wanted to learn a bit more.” 

Once people had some basics under their belts, groups went out to try the new 18-hole Deja Vu Disc Golf Course in Sunningdale Park. Those interested in learning more about the course can download the UDisc app. A QR code is on the sign at Hole #1 behind Sunningdale School.  

Sevs said for those who have never played, starting with your standstill form is the most important part. “Don’t worry about getting the disc really far – work on your form first.” 

“Bring the disc through in a line instead of way out in a curve. You don’t want to curve the disc around your body – you want it straight through towards the basket,” explained Sevs.  

Starter packs of discs are a good purchase for those new to the game. “A starter pack will consist of three disks – a putter, a mid-range, and a driver.” 

“The driver you start out with the tee, the mid-range is kind of your halfway point you want to throw that, and then your putter is when you’re close to the basket,” added Sevs.  

If you want to start with buying only one disc, a mid-range is a good choice.  

Officially, a disc-golf group should consist of four people, but there is no limit at the free course in Sunningdale.  

Brothers George, John, and Kane were out with their parents Megan Patterson and Sean Osmar.  

“It was really fun. Sometimes the wind would take the disc,” said George, expressing an interest in trying it again. 

John said his favourite part was tee-ing off. When asked about the most difficult part, he said “Probably when I had to chip it off from behind a tree!” 

Kane said using the putter was his favourite part. He was asked if he’d like to participate again someday. “I would like that.” 

Mom Megan Patterson said she loved it and would be looking to buy discs to get out with the family in the future. “It was so much fun, and it was so great to have someone here who was an expert at disc golf to show us how you play, take us through some of the fundamentals, and take us through the first hole.” 

Dad Sean Osmar said controlling the disc in the wind was the most difficult part. “The boys had some good shots here – they can maybe give their old man some pointers.” 

You can learn more about the Moose Jaw Disc Golf Association here.