According to the Ministry of Agriculture’s weekly crop report, crops in the region remain in good condition despite severe storms rolling through the area. 

Isolated storms swept through southern Saskatchewan during the week of June 18 to 24 with some areas reporting moderate to severe damage from wind and hail. 

Provincially, cropland topsoil moisture is rated eight per cent surplus, 83 per cent adequate and nine per cent short. 

Along with weather-related damage, producers have also been dealing with pests. 

“Gophers continued to cause damage within the region with reports of areas that have severe damage and needing to be reseeded. Grasshoppers and flea beetles are causing minor to moderate crop damage, with some areas reporting severe crop damage. Control measures are being taken when needed on a field-by-field basis,” said Crops Extension Specialist Meghan Rosso. 

Rosso added the crop development is mostly at the normal stage but is slowing down with cooler temperatures. She talked about which crops have developed the furthest. 

“The crops that are the furthest ahead in development are perennial forages, fall cereals and spring cereal crops, as well as oilseeds and pulse crops are falling into the mainly normal stages of development for this time of year. There is an increase in oilseed crops specifically falling behind, which is reported at 20 per cent behind the normal stages of development that are typical for this time of year,” Rosso said. 

Livestock producers are reporting good hay conditions as well as good pasture conditions, although rain will be needed in the next few weeks. 

“Livestock producers are rating high hay quality as 42 per cent excellent, 54 per cent good, and four per cent fair. About five per cent of the hay crop is reported cut, with three per cent baled or silage within the region,” Rosso said. 

Provincially, hay quality is rated at 31 per cent excellent, 62 per cent good and seven per cent fair. Hayland topsoil moisure is reported at six per cent surplus, 81 per cent adequate, 12 per cent short and one per cent very short.  

Pasture topsoil moisture provincially is rated at three per cent surplus, 79 per cent adequate, 17 per cent short and one per cent very short.