Rob- Sidewalk Days is coming up, of course, and tourism season in full swing here in Moose Jaw. You mentioned the Hometown Fair Parade coming right up. Some great numbers released by Tourism Moose Jaw recently. 

Maryse- Yes, and we see it. It’s vibrant, it’s busy downtown. It was just confirmed by Moose Jaw Tourism, where they’ve had a very successful year in 2023.  

Of course, the new trolley is helping this positive year, but a 39 per cent increase on their numbers for trolley revenues. So, that’s remarkable.  

And you know, well done to that team inventing and having the Halloween tours, the Christmas as well, and then of course, the busy summer season. 

Rob- I'm not sure I’ve shared this story with you or not. But it was still spring, not even into peak tourism season, and I was on location at Pastimes Antique Style Photography and Gift Shop, right in the heart of downtown Moose Jaw, right beside the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. 

I was there for two or three hours on Saturday afternoon, and I met people from all over the place. From across Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. All of these people were in Moose Jaw for an overnight stay or a weekend getaway. Like this tourism, it’s just so big and I think Moose Javians kind of take that for granted, right?  

Maryse- You see it all the time driving, I was just coming in here, driving on Main Street. You see the different license plates from Alberta and Manitoba and all around. People Just really love coming to Moose Jaw for a few days and discovering what we have.