A trio of highway mishaps had traffic backed up for several hours in southern Saskatchewan.

The first was at 7 o'clock Wednesday morning when a truck tried to cross the Highway 11 at Kenaston and was hit by a car. A 58 year old driver from Alberta was taken to hospital to get checked over.

Then an hour later, closer to Saskatoon, two trucks collided on Highway 11 while one was trying to pass the other.  The collision resulted in both trucks rolling into the ditch.  Both drivers were treated for minor injuries.

You likely heard the sirens or saw the flashing lights during the noon hour Wednesday as emergency crews rushed to a rollover on the TransCanada, north of Moose Jaw.

Police say a semi was turning onto the TransCanada Highway from 9th Avenue NW when it lost control and rolled onto its side.  The driver was treated for non-life threatening injuries and traffic was affected for over 2 hours.

Damage is estimated at $100,000.