The frosty temperatures we're experiencing this week here in Moose Jaw are expected to be short-lived.

Chris Stammers, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says the cold conditions will stick around for a couple of more days, with a low tonight in the minus 30 range with the wind chill making it feel even colder.

"It looks like by Saturday we're back up towards minus five or so and then above zero by Sunday into next week," he explained.

Stammers notes the cold temperatures are being caused by a ridge of high pressure extending from the Northwest Territories all the way down through most of the Prairies, allowing the cold arctic air to flood southward.

The extreme cold warning blanketing the region is also expected to be lifted in time for the weekend.

"That's for wind chills of minus 40 of colder," continued Stammers. "It looks like that will probably be able to be ended by Saturday morning. Friday night into Saturday morning looks like our last cold night."

With those extreme wind chill values, also comes the increased risk of frostbite on exposed skin. Environment Canada recommends people layer up to make sure that exposed skin is covered up. It's also being recommended to limit outdoor activity.

The normal high for Moose Jaw for this time of year is minus 2, with a normal low of minus 13.