Winter is here and along with that comes winter driving.

It can be scary depending on your driving skills, what kind of vehicle you drive, and the road conditions, but there are things you can do to prepare.

Staff Sergeant Taylor Elder, had a few tips for those who are commuting this winter.

He says to leave your pride at home.

"Living in Saskatchewan we get used to the winter conditions, but set the alarm a few minutes early and give yourself some extra travel time, check-in with the Highway Hotline and if it's too icy or stormy to get to where you're going it's not worth it."

Elder says one thing that has come from the pandemic is learning to work from home and if the roads are undrivable, that skill should be used.

When weather is bad enough to close the highways, the Staff Sargent says listen to the experts.

"It puts pressure on emergency crews when people are out on the highways in unsafe conditions. It creates further hazards for other emergency crews on the highway."

If you do end up in a ditch or an emergency, it is good to prepare beforehand. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged, dress for the weather and consider putting an emergency kit in your car.

Elder wants to remind people that it is required to slow to 60 km/h when passing any emergency vehicles, including tow trucks and snowplows.

He also had some tips for those of us who plan on mostly staying in the city for the winter.

"Make sure you clear off your windows and have a clear line of view. Give yourself adequate stopping distance in between vehicles to prevent sliding into someone or an intersection," says Elder.

Always remember to be alert to changing road conditions especially when the winter weather gets unpredictable. 


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