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The Liberal government's tax reforms have been a hot topic issue for weeks and it's received a lot of backlash.

Recently, a comment period closed as Ottawa looked for insight and concerns regarding the changes they've proposed.  Some farm groups were upset that the comment period was held right in the middle of harvest, suggesting there was little concern or thought put into the timing as farmers would be very busy trying to get their crops off.

Those same farm groups are arguing that it's the local, small family producers who will suffer the most and are suggesting that the new tax reform could make it very difficult for the farm to be passed along to the next generation.

For those not directly impacted by the proposal or following closely, many are wondering what kind of impact it really will have on everyday people.

"When they're (farmers) not able to spend money back into our community, because they're paying so much in taxes and administrative costs, that's going to affect prices." said Golden West Financial Expert Aaron Ruston. "As prices start to rise, because people are not able to spend to what they are able to, that's going to impact everyone in a negative way."

Ruston adds that the less money coming in from these group will also cause an impact on investors and the market.

The federal government has been met with such pushback from the community as a whole, that it was recently announced that the Minister of Finance wants to revise the tax reform.

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