Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

As the June 25 Crop Insurance deadline for Seeded Acreage reports approaches APAS is concerned that producers with acreage that is too wet to be seeded may bot be aware that they must as for an inspection by June 25.

It is important to meet this deadline to ensure the coverage available is in place without penalties or problems associated with late filing.

APAS is concerned that some producers could be unaware of the inspection requirement and miss out on the benefit that crop insurance provides for acreage that is too wet to be seeded.

"Producers cannot afford to miss this deadline," said APAS President Ken McBride. "It would be easily done with all the farming activities going on right now- people could miss out by not knowing that they are required to request an inspection before June 25. This is not a well published deadline."

Crop insurance provides producers with an unseeded acreage benefit as part of the insurance policy. McBride says it is a good part of the insurance program for producers that cannot seed their land. Like most insurance programs there are rules and deductibles however it is beneficial for producers with significant acreage’s that are unseedable.

"Producers pay premiums to participate in the program so we want to be sure that no-one misses out on benefits because they were unaware of a requirement to apply before a fixed deadline," says McBride.