A RCMP officer from Chillawack cries out to Peter Whitmore for the safe return of two missing kids.

As the frantic search for two missing boys continues, police have now released an audio plea from the Chillawack RCMP for the safe return of two missing youths.

10 year old Zachary Miller went missing from his home town of Whitewood last weekend, while 14 year old Jordan Bruyere was last seen at a bus depot in Brandon the weekend before.

Corporal Laural Matthew of Chillawack has a message for 35 year old Peter Whitmore, the man suspected of taking the two children.

"Peter, I worked with you for a year here in Chillawack and I got to know you pretty well. You were doing so well while you were here and I know you've been going through some stress lately and you've obviously been put on edge but Peter this needs to come to an end."

"The best thing for you to do right now is to find a way to do what you've always done before and release the children. Its time to do that now Peter. All you have to do is drop them off at any safe place where they can be found. If you need someone to help you call a lawyer, or a family member, or me. I gave your aunt all of my contact information so you can call her and either she or you can get in touch with me day or night."

"What we want for you and the kids is to be okay. Peter, you've gotta do this now."

Whitmore is believed to be driving a blue 1988 Dodge Caravan with Alberta license plates.

If you have any information that could help police in their search please contact RCMP.