People in public urban areas could now face substantial fines for having bear spray. 

With new regulations, individuals who possess or deface a container of the capsaicin-containing product to hide its identity could have to pay up to $100,000 in fines. 

In a press release, Justice Minister and Attorney General Bronwyn Eyre lauded the move. "These new regulations will improve public safety and provide police and wildlife officers with more options to seize and charge people in possession of bear spray, including in shopping malls, movie theatres, urban parks and on exhibition grounds." 

There could be some exceptions for possession of bear spray in urban areas – for example, if there was a recently reported bear sighting in the area.  

Regulations for possession do not apply when the spray is being transferred from its point of purchase to a place for lawful use or storage, in rural or northern areas, or for those using the spray for protection from wildlife while working or participating in recreation.