Billets are needed for hockey and baseball players in Moose Jaw. 

Lindsay and Ryan Stephenson are billet coordinators for the Moose Jaw Warriors and Miller Express, looking for places for players to stay. 

Ryan said the billet families can be single people or larger families. “Really what we’re looking for you to do is open up your home to these wonderful players, provide them a positive environment, and access to healthy food, a private bedroom, and all the things that they would need to make their stay enjoyable in Moose Jaw.” 

The Stephensons are seeking more immediate billet families for Miller Express players and will be needing Moose Jaw Warriors billet families in the summer.  

One of the perks of being a billet family is season tickets, so you can watch your player progress through the season. “It just hits a lot differently when you’ve got your billet out there – someone you’ve built a relationship with,” added Ryan. 

The first step in becoming a billet family is reaching out to Lindsay and Ryan to set up an information meeting by either calling or texting 306-209-5867.