Many in and around Moose Jaw are most encouraged after news about upcoming COVID-19 vaccination clinics.  I talked to a few people on the weekend who are looking forward to it. 

We learned late last week from the Government of Saskatchewan that "Due to a large increase in AstraZeneca vaccines set to arrive...a number of drive-thru and walk-in vaccination clinics will be opening..." 

If you're aged 55 or older, you'll be welcome at the walk-in clinic on Wednesday at the Golden Nugget Centre and at the drive-thru on Friday at the South Hill Fire Hall. 

Some are hesitant to take the AstraZeneca vaccine - it has been linked to some adverse effects including blood clotting.  A number of experts around the world are saying the benefits far outweigh the risks and those experts include a Saskatchewan doctor. 

She is Dr. Tania Diener, Medical Health Officer - COVID-19 Immunization Co-Chief for the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  She posted a photo of herself getting vaccinated on the weekend and she wrote, "I understand the anxiety people feel towards the AstraZeneca vaccine, but I also know that any risk from taking the vaccine is far, far less than the risk we have of getting COVID-19...and passing it to others...I know the risks and got it today." 

I think I'm sold.  How about you?