Carnie's Comments


Time for Throwback Thursday as we look back on 100 years of CHAB Radio.  

Earlier this year we asked you to share your memories via email.

My friend Aaron shares, "My best memory of 800 CHAB is Rob Carnie announcing the Warrior games.  I used to sit under the broadcasting booth with my grandpa Oscar.  If I wasn't at the game, I was listening on the radio..."

Oh, the memories, Aaron!  

I remember all the loyal hockey fans in that section - most showed up for each and every game, even if it was -40 outside and -10 inside our old Civic Centre.  

I'll never forget the energy when that place was packed.  It was absolutely electric.

Our old Civic Centre was one-of-a-kind.  You could hear the players calling for the puck and the coaches barking on the benches.  You could almost feel every body check on the boards.  We were right on top of the action.

Many will never know how special those times were.  We were there, Aaron.  We...were there.

OH....and the audio below will bring back some memories for many.  We used to put a few radio hi-lites together for the boys each season and add in a little rock 'n roll.  This is the "Rock 'n Roll Goals" recording we produced in 1999.