Carnie's Comments


It's time!  Time for Twitter Tuesday.  I find the best from the Twitterati just for you.

Comedian Dan Regan Tweets, "If you don't tell me I'm on speakerphone then I'm not responsible for your kids learning new words."

Here's a friend who says, "Sometimes I look at emails I've written and genuinely can't believe I'm pretending to be this professional."

I like this, "Agree to a polite way of saying, 'I know I'm right, so stop talking'."

A busy mom I follow Tweets, "Potty training a toddler is just as hard as training a teenager to get a driver's's just the accidents hit different."

Comedian Brent Butt gets it.  He shares, "HOT TWITTER TIP:  Never underestimate this platform's ability to allow a small clump of dingbats to take over the narrative of any story."

And, one more, from a friend who has been working from home, "Tomorrow is my first day back in the office in 30 months!  Please send thoughts, prayers, donuts and a winning lottery ticket."