As we continue to hope and pray for a speedy recovery of Garrett Robinson, Warriors' GM Chad Lang says its going to be a slow process.


Only time will tell the true damage caused when a truck slammed into a small car carrying three members of our Moose Jaw Warriors, leaving Garrett Robinson fighting for his life in Regina.

The accident happened morning Sunday minutes after the Warriors returned from their Alberta road trip. Carter Smith, Joey Perricone, and Garret Robinson were heading home after unloading the bus when the accident occurred around 6:41 Sunday morning. Smith and Perricone have been treated and released for minor injuries. Robinson underwent emergency brain surgery upon arrival in Regina.

Warriors' GM Chad Lang gives us the latest out of Regina. "He underwent another CAT Scan and his condition remains critical but stable. Not a big change from yesterday and day by day we're just going to have to continue to support him and his parents. Given that he's a young man and an athlete his body can help get him through this."

Lang says this won't be a situation where all of the sudden he can tell us Robinson is okay. He says its going to be a lengthy situation. "Its just time. They indicate that 48 to 72 hours are critical anytime that you have trauma to the head. One; evaluate whether there's any additional bleeding in the brain and to control swelling."

Police say alcohol was a factor in the collision but say the investigation continues and no charges have been laid.

If you would like to send your thoughts, get well wishes and cards to the Robinson family you can do by dropping them off at the Warriors' office.