Moose Jaw got a downpouring of rain Monday night as we continue to experience a wet summer. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada recorded 9.6 mm of rain at 15 Wing on Monday and Moose Jaw received a total of 13 mm over the Canada Day long weekend. 

Meteorologist Terri Lang said we can expect more of the same this week. 

“The next few days are looking the same-ish, meaning the air mass remains quite unstable, so thundershowers are likely. We’re not looking for widespread severe weather or anything like that, but certainly thunderstorms are possible and, of course, those are hit and miss. So, either you get underneath one or you don’t,” explained Lang. 

There were a couple of tornado watches and warnings that were issued on Monday night. Lang said there were no reports of tornadoes near Moose Jaw, but they are investigating tornadoes in other areas of the province. 

“We’ve had lot of funnel clouds here and there, but it looks like possible tornadoes were in around the Melville area and another possible one down in the Gull Lake area,” she said. 

With Kinsmen Sidewalk Days taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, people will be outside taking in the festivities. Lang said festival-goers should be prepared for anything. 

According to the latest forecast, there is a chance of rain on all three days 

“I think people should be prepared for showers and thundershowers. Make sure you carry an umbrella, but be careful when the thundershowers strike to make sure you seek shelter and put the umbrella away,” said Lang. 

She added that it's “wait and see” for a high pressure system to pass through and stabilize the weather. 

You can find your current conditions and your five-day forecast here.