Finance Director Brian Acker tosses in his two cents on the two per cent drop to the PST announced by the NDP.


While you and I will save some cash at the store in Saskatchewan, the City of Moose Jaw is looking to save a truckload of cash thanks to the PST cut that went into affect a week ago.

They've crunched the numbers down at Moose Jaw City Hall and Finance Director Brian Acker seems pleased with the results. "The city is going to see an impact for each one per cent that the PST goes down of about $85,000 and since its gone down two per cent we expect to save about $170,000 on an annual basis."

Acker says 170 thousand dollars is significant in a city our size because it's equal to a 1.25 percent tax increase. To put that into perspective, the money saved could pay the salaries of our entire city council including the mayor.