The first ever Moose Jaw City Wide Food Drive was an overwhelming success as volunteers crisscrossed the city along side trick or treaters Tuesday night collecting food donations.


We donated enough food to fill two semi trailers and the local Food Bank doesn't have enough room to store it.

This is a good problem to have after the Moose Jaw Food Bank City Wide Food Drive Halloween night.

Organizer Steve Atkins was more than pleased with the results. "The Food Bank usually does good around Christmas time but then its January where people need food and then they need to have non-perishable food for spring an summer next year which is there slowest time and when there supply runs to a trickle. Its exciting because it means we'll have rainy day food for when they need it."

This was the first year for the food drive with over 35,000 pounds of food being donated and that works out to about 1.1 pounds for every man, woman, and child in Moose Jaw.