Author: 800 CHAB News

Organizers of the 2006 Western Canada Farm Progress Show pronounced the show a success as the last of the show’s visitors left the gates.  While they do not have the exact numbers yet, organizers have announced that attendance was within the average range for the past 10 years, with between 35,000 and 40,000 people attending the show. 

Approximately 400 of those visitors came from overseas to research and purchase
Canadian equipment through the International Business Centre. Millions of dollars worth of business was done with international clients, including one deal that saw the purchase of about 100 pieces of farm equipment, involving more than $20 million.

“The show was a success on many levels, not just gate attendance,” said show chair
Dave Weber. “We had more international visitors than in the past. We had more
exhibitors in the New Inventions areas than ever before, with a total of 41 entries. And
this year, we had more space than ever before devoted to exhibits.”

The new indoor footprint of the show allowed visitors to have a smoother trip through
Ipsco Place. Exhibits were set up from the Credit Union Eventplex through to the
Agribition Building.  “We have already been receiving positive feedback from many exhibitors,” Weber said. “They had lots of people stopping at their booths, and millions of dollars worth of local retail sales were made in the past three days. Our exhibitors really find it worth their while to have a display here, both in terms of meeting clients and making sales.”

Final attendance numbers for the show are being tabulated by an independent third
party firm. They will be released early this week.

Over 35,000 people from 29 countries attend the Western Canada Farm Progress
Show – Canada’s national farm show. Established in 1978, Western Canada Farm
Progress Show is the largest dryland farm technology and equipment show in Canada
featuring over 1.4 million square feet of exhibits from 700 major agriculture equipment
manufacturers, shortline manufacturers and agricultural service sectors.