Congratulations to the Five Hills Karate Club on their performance at the Saskatchewan Karate Association 2024 National Karate Championships.

The tournament took place in Saskatoon on April 20th.

The Five Hills Karate Club Team Kata's Gordon Kerr, Parker Drake-Adrian and Boden White took home gold.

The Kata team won a total of six trophies in their category.

Thea Sandbeck: Gold

Blair Kerr: Gold 

Parker Drake-Adrian: Silver 

Boden White: Silver

Emelia Kerr: Bronze

Gordon Kerr: Bronze

The club's Kumite team took home six trophies in their category, evenly split between gold and silver. 

Emelia Kerr: Gold

Blair Kerr: Gold 

Parker Drake-Adrian: Gold 

Thea Sandbeck: Silver

Boden White: Silver

Gordon Kerr: Silver