Most of Saskatchewan received some much needed moisture this week.

Dry conditions throughout the growing season in some areas have meant farmers are looking at a short thin crop with a reduced yield.

In some cases the rain may help, but in other areas producers are looking at their options.

Doug Gillespie is President of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers and says a good option would be to make a deal with livestock producers to use the crop.

"There's a neighbour here that found his bushel count wasn't that high and he looked at selling it for feed, and it was going to be better than dragging out the combine, so it helped a few guys get some feed for their cows and it was kind of a win-win for everyone."

Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agricultures Grain Silage Greenfeed Calculator is now available on their website to help producers with their decision.

"Do some figures to see if it would pay you better to put it up for feed or let someone else put up for feed, than it would be to take it off yourself. Also, in many cases if you have crop insurance, there's a pay-out there plus you can still sell it to stockmen for feed, so you can get some benefits from both ways," said Gillespie.

The Grain Silage Greenfeed Calculator compares the net returns or losses between the cereal grain crop, and its alternate use for cereal silage or cereal greenfeed.