If you are in Gravelbourg tonight, the town is hosting its second annual Community Expo at Soucy Park. 

About 20 tables have been sold for Gravelbourg businesses and community groups to showcase all that is happening in the town. 

“There will be a little hotdog barbecue and a couple of demonstrations on the stage, so it is kind of a fun event,” said Gravelbourg economic development officer Ariel Haug. 

For residents, there will be opportunities to sign up for a variety of programs and volunteer opportunities. However, Haug said the event is open to non-residents as well who want to learn more about what is happening in the town. 

“This is the chance for all of our community or sport and recreation, well-bring, seniors groups and all of those groups to get together and let everybody know what it is that the Town of Gravelbourg has to offer, whether their current residents, future residents, or the rural curious, as I call them. It is an opportunity for people to check out the town and for the residents to learn what we have going on,” Haug said. 

Everything gets underway at Soucy Park, located along Main Street between First and Second Avenue East, at 5:30 p.m. 

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