The decision is in, members of the Grain Services Union have voted in favor of accepting Viterra's latest offer.

Steve Torgerson, bargaining spokesperson and GSU general secretary says while the changes in the final offer achieve part of what members were looking to gain, it doesn’t go far enough. 

He says members will continue to press the company during the term of the new agreement to address their concerns.

"This offer was accepted by the majority of members of both Locals, but members still have their sights set on more improvements next time. It is important to point out that there are improvements gained in this deal. Improvements we have been working on for years. Improvements that will benefit members today and in years to come."

Meantime, Jordan Jakubowski, VP of Human Resources for Viterra Canada says we’re very pleased to have reached a long-term agreement with our employees, one that we believe is fair and reasonable that takes into account their needs, while balancing the needs of our business through long-term labour stability.

"We have a long history of working fairly and respectfully with our employees, and through this agreement we can continue to serve our customers with superior service across our Saskatchewan business."

The four-year agreement recognizes employee’s individual contributions in the company’s pay for performance compensation structure, which includes continued eligibility for an annual bonus payment under the company’s Short-Term Incentive Plan.