Moose Jaw City Council is exploring ideas to help try and pay for an increase to the construction cost for the upgrade to the Union Hospital... that isn't even designed yet.


You remember that little health care levy that all property owners in Moose Jaw are paying this year? That 40 dollars added to our taxes to help pay for the expansion to the Union Hospital.

Well Director of Finance Brian Acker says it could be going up. "What's happened with the health care project is they've had an increase in construction costs and of course the city of Moose Jaw is obligated to fund 35 per cent of that overall project so as those costs go up its necessary for us to fund more money."

That means property owners could end up paying 46 dollars instead of 40 but it could also mean apartment dwellers could start paying the 40 dollars. Council is currently looking at expanding the levy to include apartments that are currently immune from the fee.