Highways around Moose Jaw are becoming treacherous as the snow continues to fall this afternoon. 

Roadways are becoming covered in slush with icy sections. 

Brady called our radio station this morning. He was travelling south on Highway 2 from Chamberlain, and he said the highway is very slippery. 

“There are trucks spun out at Buffalo Pound and there hasn’t been a sign of a snow plow or salt truck anywhere. I think it’s going to get worse. It’s coming down pretty hard,” he told us. 

Meanwhile, Steve called in from Highway 13 in the Assiniboia area to give us an update on the conditions. 

“It’s an absolute mess. It’s north but slush here. I’m slipping and sliding. I’m holding her at about 70 clicks,” Steve said. 

According to the Highway Hotline, Highway 2 north of Moose Jaw has icy or slippery sections from Moose Jaw to Tuxford and loose snow, icy or slippery sections and wet subject to freezing and slush from Tuxford to the Qu’Appelle Valley as of 10 a.m. 

Highway 2 south from 15 Wing to Assiniboia is icy or slippery sections, wet subject to freezing and slush.  

Highway 1 west of the city has icy or slippery sections and slush from Moose Jaw to Chaplin. There are similar conditions from Moose Jaw to Regina heading the other direction. 

You can keep up with the latest road conditions by visiting Saskatchewan’s Highway Hotline here

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