Judge Brian Hendrickson warned that an attempted murder case that happened last September needs to move forward. 

Kyle Peeace appeared via video from remand in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Monday. He was represented over the phone by Brenden Ryan, who was called in at the last minute as an agent for Peeace’s lawyer Nicolas Brown. 

Ryan requested an adjournment for two weeks to allow time to receive more disclosure. 

Provincial Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker raised concerns. While he understood that Ryan was asked to appear on short notice and had little information, Parker said the Crown Prosecutor’s office had sent out the initial disclosure as well as additional disclosure on two other occasions. Park was concerned that there had been no movement on the file. 

“From our perspective, we’ve turned over everything we’ve had,” Parker told the court. 

Ryan told the court he had very little information to go on when it came to the disclosure request. 

“I do apologize to the court that I don’t have much information on the matter,” he said. 

Judge Brian Hendrickson noted that there has been little movement on the file since Brown took over the case on Feb. 7. He said the last appearance was endorsed to give Brown “one more adjournment” to get instruction from his client. 

Hendrickson adjourned the matter to May 22 with Peeace to appear via video. However, he asked Ryan to pass on the message that Brown needs to contact Parker’s office to give a definitive answer as to what disclosure is outstanding so that the file can move forward. 

Peeace was arrested last September after an alleged machete attack in downtown Moose Jaw. Along with attempted murder Peeace is also charged with assault with a weapon, breaking and entering and failing to attend court.