A local organization has taken it upon itself to try and boost musical education within Moose Jaw.  

The newly founded organization, Moose Jaw Band and Choral Boosters is made up of parents and music teachers that share the same passion for strong band and choral programs for their children or students.  

“We have noticed over the years gradually that music programs are not as effective as they used to be,” says Band and Choral Booster member, Janie Fries. “We feel that we need to be supporting the school and division administration to maintain these music programs.” 

Fries adds that their goal is to continue the musical spark within the community, as she has seen school programs become less and less in recent years.  

“We have a vision of what a good music program should be,” adds Fries. “The school music programs have been there in the past. It’s unfortunate that they have been de-funded and not supported the way they were used to.” 

In their eyes, music is more than just an after-school program, it’s an outlet for kids to go to fulfill a passion and even helps them grow as a person.  

“Research does show that the reading, playing, and creating of music develops the brain. It has an amazing way of assisting not just with music but with Language Arts. There are so many positive aspects that the music program can help each child with. Our biggest vision is to help the schools realize that and to help build their programs back up to the way they used to be supported and funded.” 

In 2020, Harvard University released a study connecting music to a person's well-being, learning, cognitive function, quality of life, and happiness.  

The Moose Jaw Band and Choral Boosters are an alternative for students and families that may not have the financial support for private lessons.  

Fries is asking parents, community organizations, or anyone else that shares the same vision they do, to join them in their journey to support music within Moose Jaw.  

Those that are interested can email mjbandandchoral@gmail.com for more information. 

Visit their website HERE.