Mayor Dale McBain is finding the transition from citizen to elected official fairly easy thanks to his previous experiences at City Hall and some great staff.


Pictures of family and other important personal items are now hanging on the walls and sitting on the desk of newly elected Moose Jaw Mayor Dale McBain.

McBain was sworn in as mayor this past Monday and right out of the blocks was a very busy man dealing with some big issues affecting out city right now. Like the multiplex.

We asked how things are different now compared to the last time he was on council. "What it really is, is that are a few new issues that we didn't have when I was on council three years ago and as I'm in the office I'm learning about those new issues and I have to say the staff has been great about brining me up to speed on those issues."

McBain is also working on some things that he wants to introduce to council in the coming weeks and months including a requested report on the city's reserves.