Full bellies and smiling faces are the results of McDonalds McHappy Day on Wednesday.

Locations across the country collected $1 from certain menu items such as Big Macs, Happy Meals, and McCafe beverages to go towards Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada. 

"McHappy Day is the most fun we have in our year here," shared Dorianne Geske, with Ronald McDonald House in Saskatoon. "Staff from our house is travelling all over Saskatchewan and visiting different locations just to talk to families and say thank you for coming in and thank you for donating and supporting us."

"McHappy Day is one of our biggest fundraisers from McDonald's one of our founding and forever partners and it generates a lot of revenue for us. It's just an easy way for people to come out and donate. Just $1 is quite easy for people to afford and this is the easiest way to do it. It's a place where families who have sick kids can come and are able to stay together while their child is in the hospital receiving treatment. There are 300 volunteers, amazing staff and it's just an incredible place," said Geske. "The kitchen is set up. It is a place where you see the most generosity of the communities all around Saskatchewan. So while it's housed in Saskatoon, it definitely is a Saskatchewan house."

Locally, the support was overwhelming for restaurant owners Doug and Marilyn Dooley, who operate five locations with the communities of Moose Jaw and Swift Current. 

"It's amazing how many families use... it's sad but it helps the families out. A lot of people use it in Moose Jaw and area," said Doug, who said that he knows of a few people personally who've stayed at the house in Saskatoon. 

But with any large fundraiser, you can't forget about the people behind the scenes helping to make it all happen, which Doug noted that have great teams behind them at all locations. 

"We'd like to thank the crews, the managers. It is lots of hard work for them but its just been amazing the support we had from the communities," added Dooley. "It was a great turnout, the community supported us big time at all three stores in Moose Jaw and two in Swift Current."

In the Notorious city, roughly $7,000 was collected and between both communities, the Dooleys will handing over a cheque of more than $12,000 to the Ronald McDonald House. The houses across Canada are supported by the Mcdonals restaurants who cover 25% of the operating costs and the remaining 75% is paid for with donations from fundraisers such as McHappy Day. 


-With files from Lois Feaver & Discover Estevan