The Moose Jaw High School Athletics Association have announced their Athletes of the Month for January.

Those receiving Athlete of the Month accolades include:

  • Carson Mack (Wrestling, CCI)
  • Xander Hipfner (Curling, RVCI)
  • Cooper Gregor (Volleyball/Basketball, CCS)
  • John McLean (Basketball, BCA)
  • Joey Kukura (Curling, VCI)
  • Kaylee Hodgeboom (Curling, AEP)
  • Shyanne Greenwood-Gadd (Volleyball/Curling, CCS)
  • Hannah Hipfner (Curling, RVCI)
  • Keyana Thiessen (Basketball, BCA)
  • Chloe Calubia (Curling, VCI)
  • Jorjo McCubbing (Curling, AEP)
  • Eisa Tondevold (Wrestling, CCI)