Every Monday at 10 a.m. the Moose Jaw Early Years Family Resource Centre holds a ‘Moms for Moms’ meeting. 

The Moms for Moms meetings are facilitated by a public health nurse and provide opportunities for mothers to find support and encouragement. 

“(The moms) create some lasting friendships, share their experiences, and also learn from other moms who may be going through some of the same things in life,” said Wanda Peakman, Coordinator at the Moose Jaw Early Years Family Resource Centre. 

While it acts as a support group, the meetings also give mothers a setting to ask questions and find guidance about their baby's health and development.  

These questions cover anything that pertains to raising their baby, including sleeping habits, eating habits, and with the assistance of a baby scale, the babies weight.  

The program also directs mothers to resources and support available to assist with any questions and concerns. 

“It’s some valuable tips and some knowledge from a public health nurse and then also shared experiences from other moms,” said Peakman. 

She goes on to say that there are plenty of people who return weekly, although there are always new mothers joining the group.  

The Early Years Family Resource Centre, located 1250 11th Ave NW, serves as a one-stop-shop for all things parenting.  

“Families can come here and connect with others and gain some early-learning experiences or some education. It’s a well-rounded place,” said Peakman.  

Most of the programs offered are available for drop-in, but parents are asked to pre-register for those that provide books or food to take home. 

“Come and see for yourself. If you’re not needing anything, that’s ok. But once you get here you might find something that you like and then you’ll keep coming back.”