Moose Jaw's Jessica McNaughton is the founder of the app memoryKPR that launched on Tuesday. 

The app allows people to save digital memories through audio files, pictures and videos in a safe and secure location. 

McNaughton explained how her product differs from a normal cloud service or social media. 

“You can add a picture with a voice tagged onto it. You can add video text and audio messages, and they all curate into one story, so all those media come together as one story,” she said. 

The memoryKPR app launched on Tuesday. (Graphic courtesy: Jessica McNaughton)McNaughton added that the contents can be shared with friends and family using links and QR codes. 

She launched memoryKPR in 2020 as a web-based application, and it has already been popular for weddings and graduations. 

Central Collegiate and King George School here in Moose Jaw were the first schools to use memoryKPR. 

“The graduates put pictures throughout the year into this folder, their memoryKPR. Kind of like crowdsourced memories for the whole graduating class and then at the graduation on the back of their diploma, they have a QR code,” McNaughton said. 

McNaughton started the company when she was looking for a way to save memories of family members that have passed away, but in a more private setting than social media. 

Through her travels, she was able to reach out to founder Paul Allen and Monster Jobs founder Jeff Taylor. 

Both began mentoring her as she began creating memoryKPR. 

“Honestly, it's such an honour, and I mean it's at the point where, at first, I would go through their system and I would schedule a time and now it'll be like just text me when you have an idea or they'll text me, and so the relationship has evolved, but in the end, especially entrepreneurs are just idea people,” she said. 

You can find the memoryKPR app on the Apple and Google app stores. 

To find out more about memoryKPR, you can visit their website.