Moose Jaw North MLA Tim McLeod is saying that the provincial government’s new policies when it comes to sexual health education and the use of pronouns in schools is what parents want. 

He said the government has heard a large number of concerns from parents about the sexual health curriculum.  

“Overwhelmingly, what they’ve said is that they want to be involved and informed about what’s going on and the vast majority of people that I’ve spoken to and that I heard from are supportive of the government’s position,” McLeod said. 

The new policy states that children will need a parent’s consent to attend sex education and that third-party presenters will have their programs paused. 

Meanwhile, another policy outlines that any child under the age of 16 will need their parent’s consent to change their name or pronoun at school. 

On Aug. 29, there was a protest against the pronoun outside of McLeod’s office. A few dozen people who showed up for the protest were concerned about the safety of LGBTQ+ children who don’t have a safe haven at home. 

The Regina Sexual Assault Centre has also voiced concerns as their in-school program about consent and healthy relationships has been put on pause. 

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