Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

The idea of a new multipurpose facility for Moose Jaw is on the minds of a lot of local residents these days, especially after the rally this weekend.

One local group is now collecting names to hopefully force a plebiscite, or public vote, on the issue with the idea of giving every resident a voice on the project.

City Clerk Steven Schiefner explains some of the requirements for the petition. "If they want to have a binding petition that forces council they have to have 10 per cent of the population. We have approximately 33,000 or 34,000 people in Moose Jaw so they need to have 3,300 or 3,400 signatures for their petition but I would certainly encourage them to come in and talk to me so they can find out exactly how many they have to have."

If this group wants to have a question regarding the multiplex on the ballot during the civic election this fall, Schiefner says the petition must be completed by July 1st.