A protest on Parliament Hill on Wednesday focused on two key areas of concern for producers the carbon tax and investor ownership of farmland. 

Producers have been pushing for the Senate to pass Bill C-234 without amendments. 

A small group of farmers from across Canada were on site with signs calling on the Senate to pass the Bill.

Bill C-234 would remove the carbon tax on natural gas and propane used for on-farm use for grain drying, irrigation, heating and cooling livestock barns and greenhouses.

Another protest saw members of the National Farmer's Union calling on Ottawa to implement a ban on investor ownership of Canada's farmland. 

An open letter outlining the need for the protection of Canada's farmland is circulating. 

The NFU's youth committee notes that the number one barrier facing new farmers is access to farmland. 

Reports show that 40 per cent of Canadian farm operators plan to retire over the next decade and the majority don't have a succession plan.

The group notes that massive investment firms are pushing the cost of land out of reach for producers trying to get into the industry.

The NFU points out that in Saskatchewan alone, large investors and absentee landlords have purchased a million acres of farmland in the last 20 years - an area almost 18 times the size of Saskatoon. These purchases have driven up the cost of farmland by an average of 16% annually. ... noting that under these conditions, farmers cannot afford to farm. 

The National Farmers Union is calling on the Federal government to stop allowing investment firms to gamble with Canada’s food system.