Moose Jaw motorists may have to avoid those potholes for a few more days.

Streets and Roads Supervisor Jason Trzaskowski explains that crews ran into some difficulties last week.

"Hot mix was available as of Monday, May 1 and we were starting on the priority roads in that regard, but unfortunately things are off to a bit of a slow start because we are experiencing issues with our pothole truck. It's broken down."

Crews will be looking to hit the roads again this week once repairs to the truck are made.

Trzaskowski says the repairs they'll be making to the roads this time around are expected to last throughout the summer.

"When hot mix is not available, we use cold mix which is a temporary repair material, which clearly doesn't work as well. Now that hot mix is available, we'll be able to make more permanent repairs for sure."

He notes a couple of those late snow storms really added a lot of extra moisture and run-off, with the freeze-thaw effect wreaking havoc on the roads. 

Pothole repairs may be delayed on roads that are scheduled to be dug up as part of the Cast Iron Watermain Replacement Program.

"It also depends on the scheduling," detailed Trzaskowski. "If there's time gaps between when those crews move in, we would repair potholes on those stretches just to keep traffic and vehicles safe."

Some roads, like Coteau Street West, are in need of more extensive repairs.

"We'll have to get in there and do some milling and doing a broader scope of repairs at those locations," remarked Trzaskowski.

Coteau Street was scheduled for repairs last week before the pothole truck broke down. It will be a top priority when city crews are back on the job this week. Coteau Street West recently came in third in CAA Saskatchewan's list of top ten worst roads.

Residents with a pothole concern can phone city hall or make a submission on the City of Moose Jaw app.

"We know we have a lot of work ahead of us and we're going to be working hard to get it done," concluded Trzaskowski.